Form Type:  6-K
Filing Date:  9/13/2017 
CIK:  0001276671 
Address:  ROSARIO NORTE 660 
City, State, Zip:  LAS CONDES SANTIAGO,  00000 
Telephone:  56 (2) 687-8000 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Last Trade
Last Trade: 
0.02 (0.13%)  
Trade Time: 
04:02 PM EST  
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Description of Business
We are a publicly traded company (sociedad anónima) organized under the laws of Chile and licensed by the SBIF to operate as a commercial bank. Our legal name is Itaú Corpbanca, and our commercial name is Banco Itaú and/or Itaú. Our principal executive offices are located at Rosario Norte 660, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Our telephone number is 56-2-2660-8000 and our website is Our agent in the United States is Itaú Corpbanca New York Branch, Attention: Joaquín Rojas Walbaum, located at 885 Third Avenue, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10022. Information set forth on our website does not constitute a part of this Annual Report. Itaú Corpbanca is organized under the laws of Chile and its subsidiaries are organized under the laws of Chile and Colombia. The terms "Itaú Corpbanca," "Itaú," "the bank," "we," "us" and "our" in this Annual Report refer to Itaú Corpbanca together with its subsidiaries unless otherwise specified.
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