Form Type:  424B3
Filing Date:  7/12/2019 
CIK:  0001409970 
Address:  595 MARKET STREET
City, State, Zip:  SAN FRANCISCO, California 94105 
Telephone:  415-632-5600 
Fiscal Year:  12/31 
Last Trade
Last Trade: 
0.08 (0.63%)  
Trade Time: 
Jan 17  
Market Cap: 
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Description of Business
Our vision is to provide Americans a path to financial health. We do this by leveraging technology and a marketplace model to seamlessly deliver access to fair and affordable credit. Overview LendingClub was incorporated in Delaware on October 2, 2006, and operates America's largest online lending marketplace platform that connects borrowers and investors. Borrowers access installment loans through a fast and easy-to-use online and mobile interface. Investors provide capital to enable the funding of loans in exchange for earning attractive returns. Our marketplace enables more efficient credit decisioning, pricing, servicing and support operations. We operate fully online with no branch infrastructure, and use technology to deliver a seamless experience.
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